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About us

As a mosaic tile manufacturer and distributor, we have been producing mosaic tiles in Foshan City, China since 2008, using a combination of quality raw materials, traditional techniques alongside new technology, and a skilled and dedicated work force.

Being one of the largest mosaic tiles manufacturers in China, we are confident to provide you with everything that’s perfect for you every time.

When your customers want something that's good quality but on a tight budget, our Essential range is ideal. Everything is manufactured to our own high standards but comes with a price for you to compete in your market.

We help for special orders. Every now and then you might need something that isn't already within our product lines, but we'll always have the ideal solution to get you what you want.

WE GROW BY HELPING OUR CUSTOMERS GROW. We're always on your side – and we'll do whatever we can to help your business succeed. From our great prices and quality products to great services, we'll give you everything you need to help close the deal.

Sourcing service for relevant products is also available, we are always here for you.

Welcome to visit our factory in foshan city, guangdong province, China.



Contact: Jaylen / Kathy

Phone: 86-13378647789(Jaylen) / 86-13590697426(Kathy)

Tel: 13378647789(Jaylen) / 13590697426(Kathy)

Email: info@jnkmosaictiles.com

Add: No.8, first avenue, Wuzhuang Industrial Zone, Shishan town, Foshan city, Guangdong prvince, China